Journey Summary

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2015/FEB/16/MON - 2015/FEB/22/SUN

Travel Route


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Airline Tikets

Travel Departure Arrival Time
Incheon → Venezia FEB/16/MON 00:55 FEB/16/MON 11:40 18h 45m
Roma → Incheon FEB/22/SUN 17:05 FEB/23/MON 15:40 14h 35m

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Train Tikets

Travel Departure Arrival Time
Venezia → Firenze FEB/18/WED 08:47 FEB/18/WED 10:40 1h 53m
Firenze→ Roma FEB/20/FRI 09:04 FEB/20/FRI 10:35 1h 31m

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Hotel Reservation

City Hotel Name Check In Check Out
Venezia Hotel Plaza Venezia FEB/16/MON FEB/18/WED
Firenze Hotel Rosso 23 FEB/18/WED FEB/20/FRI
Roma Hotel San Remo FEB/20/FRI FEB/22/SUN

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